iPhone 5C package photos leaked


(Credit: iApps.im)

Apple enthusiasts are very much eager for the upcoming iPhone 5C. The packaging images of iPhone 5C have been leaked by iapps. It seems that the packaging will come in a rainbow of colors. It seems to be a high-tech plastic boxing. The name of the phone “iPhone 5C” is emblazoned on the plastic cover.

This type of casing is just making clear that Apple has no started compromising on the quality of packaging too. The plastic always looks cheap however it may have been colored. I guess the target audience for Apple 5C seems to be teenage girls. By looking at the pink plastic covers no boys will ever look at it for buying.

 Do whatever it is its just the price of the phone that will attract customers to buy this phone. This kind of cheap packaging will not induce people to buy this phone. Kids may get a cheap tool to play with for sure. Lets see how the actual design and build of the phone will be in coming days.

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